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28 Cathedral Street, George

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Speech-Language Therapist

Lindsay Brown is a registered Speech Language Therapist with the HPCSA. She has been trained in PROMPT therapy, Introduction to DIR Floortime and It Takes Two to Talk Hanen Programme. She offers Speech-Language Assessments and Therapy for children from 18 months to 16 years. Therapy focuses on the following areas:

  • Receptive and expressive vocabulary and language e.g. these children are often late talkers and their sentence construction is poor. They struggle to find the correct word to use in the appropriate context and to communicate effectively.
  • Pre-Linguistic Skills for children with Autism or who are non-speaking.
  • Auditory Processing Difficulties e.g. following instructions, auditory or working memory. Children with auditory processing difficulties battle to make sense of spoken language and may frequently ask for repetition or take a long time to process what they hear.
  • Reading and spelling (Children who are slower to pick up phonics / reading and spelling may have underlying phonological difficulties i.e. they cannot hear the difference between i/ee or f/th)
  • Dyslexia
  • Pre-literacy skills and sound awareness skills e.g. children who battle to recognise letters and sounds, rhyming words and the fine differences between sounds s/z, i/e
  • Written language and reading comprehensions, abstract thinking, making inferences and processing written information.
  • Pronouncing sounds and patterns of sounds.
  • Fluency
  • Social communication

Occupational Therapist

Our group of OT’s have the expertise to intervene if you or your child has been described or diagnosed with any of the following conditions: Sensory Processing Dysfunction, Attention Deficits, Learning Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Delay, Preterm Births, Neurological Conditions, Cerebral Palsy and Syndromes.

At therapy connect, we work to enhance participation and independence. We do this through building skills, analysing and adapting the environment and supporting and educating parents.

We work with difficulties in the following areas of function:

  • Sensory Processing - over or under reactivity to sensory input influencing behaviour and social skills.
  • Gross Motor Skills - balance, bilateral co-ordination, motor planning.
  • Fine Motor Co-ordination - pencil control, cutting with scissors , colouring, copying writing.
  • Self-Care Skills - dressing, grooming, feeding, bathing, toileting.
  • Play Skills - playing appropriately, independently, socially.
  • Visual Spatial Perception - spatial planning, letter formation, writing.
  • Task Focus and Concentration - paying attention, flexible thinking, working memory, problem solving, organising tasks.
  • Fine Motor Co-ordination - pencil control, cutting with scissors , colouring, copying, writing.


Noreen Davison has been practicing for 23 years, starting in Cape Town and for 15 years in George. She has a broad scope of practice and loves working with families and advising them on choosing good, affordable, healthy eating plans. She manages all the “lifestyle“ diseases.

Educational Psychologist

Helga Uys is proficient in psycho educational assessments, identifying the learning difficulties a child may experience that keeps them from functioning at their full potential. These difficulties may include learning disabilities, attention disorders, emotional issues and developmental delays.

She conducts counselling and therapy sessions for children, adolescents and families, working on issues such as anger and anxiety, peer conflict, bullying, self esteem etc and uses a wide range of therapy techniques including play therapy and behaviour therapy. Parent guidance and support is also offered. She also conducts school readiness assessments, concession/accommodation assessments and compiles brain profiles, using the “Neethling Brain Instruments” - The NBI ® Profiles discover your own thinking preference and in doing so better understand yourself and those around you.

She has a special interest in study methods, presenting courses and workshops for individuals and groups. During these sessions she teaches children memory techniques, different methods of studying and how to handle stress during tests and exams. Each learner's unique learning style is determined and accordingly his/her own unique study method is learned.


Dr Elizabeth Goosen consults at Therapy Connect on an appointment basis. She works with children experiencing attention difficulties and ADHD.

Play Therapist

Lianca Fourie is a registered counsellor registered with the HPCSA with a speciality Masters degree in Play Therapy (MA Psych). Sessions aims at giving emotional support to children between the ages of 3 & 18 years through the use of play therapy techniques.

The aim of the sessions is to create a safe space for a child where emotions can safely be expressed. Children do not have the cognitive ability to verbally communicate their feelings and therefore, different play activities help the child to express their feelings on their own level of understanding. During the sessions the therapist will aim at understanding the world of the child as seen through the child’s perspective.

The strengthening of the child’s self is very important throughout the counseling process. The counselor can not change the circumstances of the child, but will aim to strengthen the child in order to be stronger in handling that same circumstances.

The reason for therapy can differ from:

  • Focusing on a specific problem.
  • Supporting your child through a difficult time.
  • Developing your child’s emotional intelligence.
  • Strengthening your child’s self.
  • Becoming more aware of your child’s emotional state.
  • Building relationships (in group sessions).

Dietitian and Lactation Consultant

Lize Esterhuysen is a Dietitian and Lactation Consultant with a passion to help clients better their lifestyle. Other focus areas are women’s health, pregnancy, breastfeeding & lactation, introduction of solids and paediatric nutrition, which includes growth monitoring and picky eating. She also has experience with managing various other diseases through medical nutrition therapy. Lize also runs a breast pump demo center.

For more details visit: www.lizedietitian.wixsite.com/ibclc

Counselling Psychologist

Dr Lorna Geer is a highly qualified, registered counselling psychologist whose experience exceeds 25 years. She is also a highly regarded, accredited trainer and provider of supervision for professional psychologists.

Lorna’s special passions are to

  • assist learners with test-/exam-maths anxiety, and to
  • treat anxiety disorders by applying hypnosis techniques to enable real change and lasting impact in the least number of sessions.

Her services include:

  • Treating stress, anxiety, depression, anger, weight loss, personal growth, self-esteem issues, procrastination.
  • Helping clients recover from stress, anxiety, depression and burnout, process and deal with loss, bereavement and trauma, re-establish control and establish a path of personal growth and self-actualisation.
  • Providing teen counselling. She helps developing teens to understand and meet their emotional needs such as relating to their peers, dealing with peer pressure, handling self-esteem issues, dealing with relationship issues and handling conflict. She also helps them meet their cognitive needs such as study methods and math- and exam anxiety. Therapy helps them deal with anxiety, depression, anger, negativity, relationship issues, sexual or gay issues, rejection, and thoughts of self-harm or suicide.
  • Providing divorce support. Lorna guides clients towards relearning how to live as a single person, move constructively through life transitions, develop or re-develop new relationship skills, and focus and achieve personal growth.
  • Managing personal and work relationships. Lorna helps clients to understand and deal with work relationships and rules or systems that may differ from their personal preferences.
  • Applying hypnotherapy where appropriate and subject to clients’ preferences. She identifies negative emotional connections in the subconscious mind, breaks the negative connections, and utilises the positive emotional energy of the client's subconscious mind to allow intentions for change to take effect.
  • Facilitating mental toughness. Lorna guides and enables clients to handle challenges and diversity constructively through teaching or honing appropriate life skills.

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